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Endeavour Lodge


Where are we and what do we do?

Freemasons are ordinary men, from every walk of life, who have decided to live by a moral code to become better people and to help their fellow man by setting a moral example, respecting each other and with acts of generosity and charity.

If you are interested please use the contact details on this website, utilize an Internet search for the United Grand Lodge of Queensland or check out our face book page.  We have a saying, if you want to be one – ask one!

Once you have expressed an interest, we will arrange for one of our fellow masons to contact you to discuss the enrolment and joining procedures.  Freemasonry is very family orientated and we welcome any questions that your family may have.

We normally require several written references as to your character before we commence the joining process.  At no stage are you under any obligation, and you will have an appointed ‘proposer’ who will act as your guide in these early stages


Brief Endeavour Lodge History

Like many other organisations there are annual fees to cover administrative and running costs.  These will be explained fully to you when you first discuss joining what Freemasons refer to the Craft

Endeavour lodge was founded in Cooktown in 1875 making it one of the oldest lodges in Queensland.  Freemasonry was brought to Australia by the first European settlers, indeed the botanist Joseph Banks from Cooks Endeavour was the first freemason to set foot in Australia.

In recent times Endeavour moved from Cooktown to Cairns in 1988.  We now share the temple at Edmonton with other lodges but annually conduct a visit to Cooktown to hold a masonic meeting there and to embrace the wide geographic diversity of Freemasonry.

Freemasonry is a journey through life,

it is a way to meet friends,

share values and contribute to our community and country

Mail: endeavourlodge26h@gmail.com

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What happens next?